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    Manufacturing the footwear for diabetics is based on the patented ISSsole having a sandwich structure which consists of several layers avoiding arise of callosities by its synergic efect. The main principle is that the weight of the human body is spreaded through the self - shaping and permanently flexible layers on much more larger area than at the classic footwear and this fact decreases the total load of the foot sole.

    The complicated and elaborated ISS sole consists of 5 /at winter models of 6/ layers: one or two layers create the PU skeleton , next layer is the self-shaping one having thickness 3-6 mm, next is the permanently flexible layer of whipped latex having thickness 8 mm on which there are a textile and a leather insoles. The PU skeleton is of low weight and a long durability. The integrated soft layers are not worn during time, they absorb shock , vibrations and they act as a heat insulation. By wearing these shoes yours callosities will disapear through time and no new ones will be created!

    The footwear has been clinically tested with the conclusion that these shoes are able not only to postpone but even to avoid amputation of the diabetic's leg. This footwear can be prescribed by the diabetologist and the patient can be given a financial contribution from health insurance offices.

    The footwear is certificated as a diabetic footwear EVPU Nr. 43116/101/1/2010/CE. The footwear is manufactured in more styles having various last widths.The RUDO shoes are designed on wide I lasts for wide or injured feet having hammer toes, especially for diabetics. The footwear is made of only natural leather materials , having minimum stitching seams , and Diatex lining keeping a microclimate necessary for dry feet of the diabetics. The OLA ladies' shoes are also built on a wider H last which partially is a limitation for the shoe design. The MANAGER shoes , built on H last, are determined for current customers or patientes having a narrower foot. The GT footwear, built on G last, is made of natural leather and the ISS sole as well.


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