Special medical footwear that leaves no permanent mark

On your health, on comfort of wear, or on environment. Eco-friendly footwear and the future of our planet for the next generations is our priority.

Home footwear

Treat yourself to everyday comfort.

Walking shoes

For comfort every step of the way.

Work shoes

Stand up to tough conditions.

Health shoes

Relief from foot and spine pain.

What makes us special

We know that flexible, well-fitting shoes are especially important for sensitive feet. Proper-width shoes with a 6-layer ISS sole delight diabetics suffering from swollen feet, preventing feelings of fatigue when walking, even when working and standing at work all day.

Our diabetic footwear was developed in collaboration with diabetologists, and our orthopaedic shoes in collaboration with orthopaedists. Our shoes prevent the formation and expansion of blisters, thus avoiding lower limb amputations.

Our patented biodegradable footwear suits overweight people, pregnant women, and anyone who wants to walk healthily and comfortably.

Why choose us?

After 15 years of experience with sandwich soles, we have extended their benefits to another area of health problems as well. Thus, we also focus on spinal, hip, and knee joint pain, which is increasingly caused by walking on hard concrete and asphalt surfaces.

The aim of shoes with Flexi soles is maximum flexibility and thus protection of the discs and joints from shocks and vibrations. Our shoes are also suitable for circulatory disorders, blisters, and sensitive feet, as well as neuropathy, where the correct width and proper fit of the shoe are very important.

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Symbiosis with nature

Our biodegradable footwear is made of a reactive polyurethane skeleton, a sandwich section, degradable foam latex, cotton and linen insoles, bio heel material, and natural cow, goat, and sheep leather. These are all materials that respect nature. It can decompose in about 25 years due to the influence of microbes and moulds.

We make your dreams come true

We understand shoes, we understand footwear, we understand you. We draw on our experience, we improve the footwear with regard to your requirements and environmental friendliness in mind.

Our priority is flexible and superior solutions to the requirements of our customers and business partners.

What makes us special

Slovak production

The unique way of production in our small, flexible company means consistent quality. We make shoes that last for years, so you don’t have to keep buying new shoes. Let’s grant China the lead in traditional medicine. Quality shoes can be made in Slovakia. In the family company EPUR.

Ecological approach

Natural materials and sustainability are not a cliché for us. We can produce biodegradable to compostable shoes. Each product has high abrasion resistance and thus increased durability, which can reduce the per capita consumption of shoes per year. Take on the eco-friendly shoe-wearing journey with us.


Our production and products stand on solid foundations thanks to the scientific research we rely on. Part of our footwear is patented and we hold trademarks. Patents and unique production know-how guarantee unique quality.

The tradition of a family business

We are people just like you. We pride ourselves on our personal approach and care for our individual and corporate clients. We are here for you at any time of the year. In good and hard times, in summer and winter. For everyone who turns to us.

Our satisfied clients

We would like to thank EPUR spol. s r.o. for the cooperation and production of barefoot footwear samples with polyurethane soles, which, compared to the rubber soles we have used previously, have much better physical and mechanical parameters, especially better abrasion resistance, and thus we have achieved extremely thin thickness and flexibility of the sole, which is essential for our barefoot footwear.

In addition, we do not have to glue the sole with any adhesives such as the rubber ones, where, moreover, the unpleasant operation of halogenating the rubber with aggressive chlorinated preparations is eliminated.

- Ing. Eduard Tomiš, Tomar Creation s.r.o.