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Flexible layer

    Manufacturing special patented footwear for diabetics in a main production program of the small , flexible Epur Ltd. company. The footwear has been developed in collaboration with diabetologists and ortopaedists and it avoids arising and spreading callosities which avoids amputation of legs. The footwear is fitted with a patented ISS sole of sandwich structure in which one self-shaping, 6mm thick layer and next permanently flexible, 8mm thick layer are included into PU skeleton. The footwear absorbs shocks and vibrations at the most used parts of the foot and it is suitable also for healthy people.

   In other areas of activities the company deals with PU technologies and mouldings made of polyurethanes having various hardnesses , densities and colours in smaller series using the technology of direct reaction injecting.

   The next activity is electronic devices encapsulation with special PU material with termal shock resistance from -40 to +160 degrees Celsius.

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